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Additional Items and Services:

(Please let us know if you are interested in any of the additional items listed below so we can have them on hand for you.)

-Moving Boxes- *For any remaining unboxed items.

Small ($4 each)

Med ($5 each)

Lg ($6 each)

-Wardrobe Boxes (For hanging clothes)- *2 wardrobe boxes are always included FREE to use for the day. These would be in addition to the 2 free boxes.

Additional wardrobe to rent for the day ($5 each)

Additional wardrobe to purchase ($30 each)

-TV Boxes (Up to 65')- *1 TV per box. Must be used for any unboxed TVs or TV cannot be handle by mover.

To rent for the day ($25 each)

To purchase ($60 each)

-Mattress Bags- *Helps keep the mattress protected during transport.

King ($10 each)

Queen ($10 each)

Full ($10 each)

Twin ($10 each)

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