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Additional Items and Services:

(Please let us know if you are interested in any of the additional items listed below so we can have them on hand for you.)

-Moving Boxes- *For any remaining unboxed items.

Small ($4 each)

Med ($5 each)

Lg ($6 each)

-Wardrobe Boxes (For hanging clothes)- *2 wardrobe boxes are always included FREE to use for the day. These would be in addition to the 2 free boxes.

Additional wardrobe to rent for the day ($5 each)

Additional wardrobe to purchase ($30 each)

-TV Boxes (Up to 65')- *1 TV per box. Must be used for any unboxed TVs or TV cannot be handle by mover.

To rent for the day ($25 each)

To purchase ($60 each)

-Mattress Bags- *Helps keep the mattress protected during transport.

King ($10 each)

Queen ($10 each)

Full ($10 each)

Twin ($10 each)

We take tremendous pride that 100% of our 5 STAR REVIEWS come from actual customer experiences. Please consider this when comparing and choosing your moving company. We hope you choose REAL RocknRoll Movers and look forward to working with you. - Scott Quist, Owner

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